Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Battalion Holiday Party

 To start off, the holiday party was going very well. Every one including Judah man was in a good mood. This almost never happens. To no surprise Evan went to get us soda and then the party really started. Judah cried the rest of the night. Well...not entirely "the whole time" but pretty much. Luckily they had crafts and movies provided for the kids. I decided to take Judah to make a Christmas tree. All was going well until he started taking the other kids Christmas trees from them. That went really well. Other parents started giving me "the glare" in other words "get your child away from mine". So I had to fight with Judah to get the trees out of his hands. He flopped like a fish the rest of the way back to where my husband, Micah, and his work buddies were sitting. I felt really bad for Judah just because he was starting to have soo much fun making his own tree but then there's that line, where you can't take other kids trees. Darn. I guess he didn't like the way I was helping him decorate his tree? Who knows. Then Santa came!
How I desperately wanted a picture of both of the boys with Santa... You can guess Judah's reaction when I tried to sit him on Santa's lap. He threw the biggest hissy fit of thee night. He was probably thinking, "Who is this scary creepy looking man with the white beard!? I don't know him!" end of story. I wasn't about to force him to sit on his lap no matter how bad I wanted Micah and him to take this picture together. Lucky for me, Micah toughed it out, although I'm not sure he was that fond of Santa either. He almost pulled off his fake beard after we took the picture. Go figure. We'll just have to wait for the next time we see Santa somewhere, which hopefully will be tomorrow night at the company holiday party. 
 Once I took my camera out again Judah's face lit up. I have one of those camera's with the flip screen so you can see yourself to take a picture. Yea, that got this boy smiling. 
We partied like parents do, socialized, tried our best to keep Judah happy, put baby Micah to sleep, ate a ton of food (bad mistake), held Judah until he finally passed out, and waited for our raffle ticket number to be called out. No we didn't win anything. We'll get em next time.