Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ode to Joy

So for Thanksgiving I was surprisingly busy. One of Evan's work buddy's gave me money to buy the ingredients and to make a sweet potato casserole for him to take to a Thanksgiving party which we were going to as well. At first I was kind of freaked because I had never made a sweet potato casserole before but I thought what the heck I can't be that bad. Guess what? It turned out amazing! I spent all of Wednesday cooking and baking. I made my awesome apple pie and for the first time ever, I made awesome fudge cake pops with white chocolate dipping sprinkled with colored sprinkles. It was amazing! I wish I had pictures but sadly, I don't...With Thanksgiving and Black Friday behind us now, we're all looking forward to Christmas...well most of us are! My favorite Holiday of the year! Not just because everyone gets gifts but because it's the only time of the year my whole family actually gets together and is actually able to get off work...well excluding this year because my sister has to work this Christmas and she lives in Seattle and there's no way she can make it home unless she quits her job which I doubt she'll do. Maybe she's lying and will some how surprise us this Christmas! I HOPE SOO! That would be awesome. She has yet to meet her new nephew. And to continue my reasons of Christmas being my favorite Holiday, I love love love Christmas music and all the beautiful decorations and yummy delicious Christmas cookies and all the pretty lights on the trees and houses and all the mistletoe's...the list could seriously keep going on and on. Yes everything about Christmas is truly wonderful! 
Christmas Inspiration/Ideas to FOLLOW
I don't know about you but this Christmas tree has me on my feet!
I am hoping to make Christmas ornaments similar to this one for Judah and Micah this year.
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Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!