Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Last Weeks...

The past couple of weeks have been very stressful, busy, and long! So much going on. I've been getting serious on the nursery. I want it to be simple but fun at the same time. I don't want it to be just another boring room in the house. I've got the color decided, have the crib I want, and now all I have to do is decide what to put on the walls and where. I've decided to make the boys share their room. I'm hoping it will make them learn to share and respect each others space. I remember I didn't get my own room until I was fourteen. My parents made me earn it. So that's what I plan to do with my boys. Good idea or bad?? It also depends on where we live and if we have enough room to let them have their own.

I've also been going crazy on garage sales. I needed newborn clothes because I made a bad choice a while back and sold all of Judah's newborn clothes, mainly because I wasn't planning on having another kid any time soon. But things change. So for the last two weeks I hit up garage sales like crazy trying to find nice clothes for the new bambino. They grow out of clothes incredibly quick, It's not worth buying brand new clothes. I even hit up the 100 mile yard sale here in MO. Sadly I barely found any nice baby clothes. Every stop we made was mainly all antiques, which I really liked and all but I only had money for the baby's clothes. That was my mission. haha. 

I'm also back in Missouri to have my little bambino. I just didn't feel safe or comfortable having him on base....long story short, the care I was getting there was very very poor. I'm soo glad to be back in my home town. I feel so much better now. I know who my doctor is because she was my doctor with Judah and she is amazing! I also have my friends and family (Madre) here for support. Evan will be here when I go into labor. He automatically gets ten days off work! So excited to see my honey! Tomorrow I will have exactly two weeks until my due date. Maybe I'll have him early but maybe not. You never know!