Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tomorrow Tomorrow

Sorry for the recent lack of posts. I haven't been busy or anything. I really don't have an excuse. But I can come up with some... Which are kind of good excuses... First of all my husband's work buddy gave us an ugly computer desk that I'm planning on leaving here when we move again. We moved this desk to the spare third room we have here to make it our official study room (office). So to keep Judah from getting my laptop all the time, I put mine in there. I never go in that room. Therefore during the day I kind of forget I even have a computer. I've also noticed that since we've moved the computers to that room I've been spending much needed time with Judah. I'm reading to him more than I used to. Call me crazy but in just two weeks I can tell that reading to him is helping him with his small vocabulary. His interactions with me are getting better as well. I think that because I've been literally paying more attention to him than I used to, It's actually helping him learn what I do faster and he's applying it to his life...sounds crazy. 

We've also been hooked on the Olympics all week. Mainly watching Swimming, Cycling, Gymnastics, and Volleyball. I'm trying to keep up with them all but it is tough. Go USA! It's sad to admit but this is the first time I've actually cared to watch the Olympics. I never cared for it all the past years. Probably because my parents never cared for it. Neither of them paid it much attention, or not the I noticed. Is it me or does watching all of these young people compete make you wish your parents put you in some kind of sport at a young age and made you stick to it?? Such as gymnastics for me. I've always wanted to be a gymnastics chic but no matter how much I begged my parents never put me in classes... same with dance classes. I played other sports that I didn't really care for. I played soccer for nine years and basketball for six and volley ball for one year and cheerleading for three... oh and softball for two years. Never stuck to any of them. I just didn't care enough for any of them to keep going. Is that pathetic?? Anyways, I'll be 33 weeks tomorrow. I need to get my act together and post a picture of my belly for you guys! It hasn't got that much bigger...