Thursday, August 9, 2012


With only six weeks to go, maybe less, I'm getting pretty nervous. I've already had one little squirt and I'm still just as nervous maybe even more nervous than I was my first time around. It could be the fact that I'm going to have to deal with Judah being super jealous and not letting me breastfeed in peace. It could also be the fact that I know I'm going to get less sleep and time to rest than I did with Judah because once this baby goes to sleep, I have to stay up with Judah until he falls asleep and maybe once he falls asleep the baby will wake up again...ahhh this is going to be an experience. Maybe a good one, maybe a bad one. We'll see. I was thinking maybe It would be smart to have the baby in my hometown so that my mom could help me because here in KS I have NO friends, due to me being a stay at home mom, and there is no one I can relate to at the church we go to. I don't even know one girl/woman that would be able to help me at all. I only know Evan's friends which are all guys, which I won't be asking for help.
Dress-Forever 21, Shoes-Candies, Bracelet-Buckle