Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thirty Weeks!

How do I feel? I feel great! Minus getting sleepy in the middle of the day and not having as much energy as I used to. Also because I live in the heartland It has been super hot and humid! and extra hot for me because of my pregnancy. Not fun! We need rain!
What foods am I craving? I've been eating a lot of cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberry's, and kiwi. So basically anything fruity! I'm not a big fan of salty foods right now. I also have been eating much broccoli and cauliflower yummm.
Why do I look like a zombie? I am anemic and I'm not wearing any foundation or powder to make my skin look not pale. Also because I'm probably not getting enough sleep, but if you are pregnant you know what this stage is like! No position is comfortable! haha.
During my last pregnancy I gained only thirty-four pounds! So far I'm on the same path. I'm glad I'm not one of those people who gain more than fifty in their pregnancy. Maybe I haven't because I'm younger... who knows really. Everybody is different. Every pregnancy is different too. I hardly ever got morning sickness with Judah. Now with this one I had it pretty rough. Instead of just having morning sickness, it was more like evening, night, and morning sickness. I would feel better during the day but then it would repeat. No bueno. Also this baby moves a lot more than Judah did. It makes it tougher for me to do anything. Even when I want to go on a walk, he'll start to kick in all the wrong places. No bueno. haha
Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!