Sunday, July 1, 2012


Shirt - Urban Outfitters, Skirt - Asos

As of Thursday I am now officially seven months along!! I don't think I'm that big yet. I am hurting almost all the time now. Sitting down and standing up hurts around my waist and my back starts to ache after being in one position for a while. Just wait until next month I'll probably look five times bigger! And hopefully the pain doesn't get worse. Can't believe I only have two months left before my new little one is introduced to the world! It's crazy how fast time flies by. I've been soo busy this past week. Evan had eye surgery on Friday morning so basically I was driving him around all day. Also, to celebrate my being seven months, we went out to eat lunch and we went to do a little shopping! I didn't get anything for me only because almost anything I buy now won't fit me in two months. I can wait a little bit longer. haha. I did buy Judah some new clothes though! And I bought him cute little black vans! He's soo spoiled. Every first child is I believe, even if you don't want them to be THEY ARE!. It accidentally just happens. 
Blue Romper, T-Rex (4th of July) Shirt, Black Cargo Shorts - Gap and Black Vans - Journeys

On the plus side... Everything was on sale!! except for the vans of course. Can you tell who picked out what?? I picked out the blue romper and Evan picked out the T-Rex 4th of July shirt. We both spotted the black cargo shorts at the same time. It was weird but cute at the same time. Evan picked out the vans too. I preferred to get Judah converse but I'm really glad we got these slip ons instead! I don't have to worry about tying his shoes over and over again. haha
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!