Friday, July 20, 2012


For the past week Evan and I have been watching a non stop marathon of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. This show is sadly the highlight of my days only because of how funny it is. Don't worry I still play with Judah while we watch it. That's one thing I like about television, you can always be doing something else while watching tv at the same time! There are soo many things you can do while watching tv. You can cook, clean, do the laundry, pin on pinterest, play with kids, do some crafty projects, etc. Sometimes I do get tired of watching tv but Evan never does. That is why at this very moment I am on my handy dandy laptop while he's still watching the show without me. I have missed many episodes because I can't watch tv for as long as he can and he won't stop until It's time for bed. Isn't that crazy??? Men. haha. I am in fact reading Elle's August issue with Katie Holmes as the cover girl. I barely recognized her when the magazine came in the mail. She is soo much prettier than I remember... I'm thinking it has to be because of her Penelope Tree inspired hair cut, which I happen to LOVE! I wish I waited to get my hair cut so that I could take this picture of Penelope to the hairstylist and say "this is how I want my hair to be cut".