Saturday, June 9, 2012

Staying Fit During Pregnancy

I have been trying to walk at least thirty to forty-five minutes a day while pushing around a stroller with a one year old in it. This is the only workout that I thought was safe and okay to do during my pregnancy. Turns out there is this other workout called "Prenatal Yoga"! what? I have only taken two regular yoga classes while I was in high school and as I recall I don't remember liking it very much mainly because the music they were playing made me feel very uncomfortable. Don't they know us american are not from India and we're not of the hindu faith... well most of us aren't. As I got to reading about prenatal yoga I began to wonder why hasn't anyone ever told me about this before... I think I'm pretty sure I need to try it. There are some really good benefits such as keeping you limber and keeping your muscles toned and it also improves your balance and circulation. Isn't that crazy!? It also helps you breath and relax better just like regular yoga does. Breathing will come to benefit you while you're in labor and the relaxation to help you not tighten up while pushing. So I definitely will be trying this even though I am in my second trimester. 
Well I hope you have a wonderful day! I'm about to go spend a hopefully relaxing time at the pool with my family!