Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Love Story

This is my husband Evan and I. He's off for FTX (don't know what that means) for three days and I have been home alone with Judah since yesterday morning and I'm already moping around missing him like crazy. Is that bad? 
We never really officially met because we've always known each other from church. For years we never spoke until my junior year of high school. I for some reason started noticing him more and wondered "why haven't we ever spoken?" Soooo basically he was friends with my friends and I was friends with his and we all started hanging out. I of course made the first move in getting his number because I couldn't wait any longer. He asked me out on MY first date ever and it was amazing. I couldn't even finish my food because I laughed and talked pretty much through out the entire dinner and dessert. He enjoyed it I'm sure. For some reason or another I thought he was so funny and I don't think that anymore... haha. We dated for six months before he decided I was the one. When he proposed we went to the same restaurant and sat in the same place as we did on our first date. It was a crowded Friday night and before they came out with my order, the waitress came out with a covered plate and she put it right in front of me and uncovered it. In the middle of a heart shaped strawberry entree was a diamond ring and before I knew it Evan was down on one knee asking for my hand in marriage! and of course I said "yes!" Everyone there started clapping and they wanted to take pictures of us! I felt like I was in one of those cliche romantic movies. It was great! And because the manager that happened to be working at the time was a hopeless romantic we got our food on the house. What a night! 
Hope you enjoyed my small little awesome story!