Sunday, June 24, 2012

In The Know

 At the Cardinals VS Royals game in KC! As you can tell we all were so happy the cards were winning! And in the end they did! woohoo! Judah was the loudest fan there I'm sure. I don't think the royal fans around us appreciated that very much. haha
 Judah in his cardinals uniform and I made celebratory chocolate chip cookies! yumm!
 Before the game, we went shopping/site seeing at the central plaza for a while and I saw this Kate Spade store... Well believe it or not I've never been to one before so I dragged Evan in there with me and to my surprise Evan liked the store. We came across these Kate Spade salt & pepper shakers and since we don't have any at our new home we had to buy them (Evan suggested we get them). Aren't they the cutest thing??
Right before we left for the game we ate at the Cheese Cake Factory! The food wasn't that great. I had the SkinnyLicious Pasta and Evan had some type of chicken finger food. He didn't like his either. Sadd. But the Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake was delicious! No doubt about it! 
I hope your enjoying your weekend just as I am!