Thursday, June 21, 2012

Busy Lady

I've been soo busy this past week. First off I haven't had a phone in almost two weeks now because my son decided it would be fun to break it. (not on purpose of course). Second I've been trying to fix up my house to make it look better before I get too pregnant to do anything. It has been very time consuming since I was only able to work on it while Judah was napping or If Evan was home to watch him for a little bit. I still have yet to buy new furniture for the baby's room. Such as crib and a new dresser or used. Which ever one I find first at a good price. So here is my little (Big) DIY for the living room.
Evan and I went to Goodwill in JC to maybe hopefully find a cheap small dresser that we could fix up for the baby's room or ours because we need one too! But instead we found this for our living room. We figured since we don't yet have a decent entertainment center we could use this! It was only $14!
Ahhh soo much better! It took me a while to paint everything due to constant rain and we don't have a closed garage so I had to wait for the rain to stop before I could paint each item. Evan helped me carry everything in and out of the house. I just love putting my husband to work. haha I haven't finished filling up my shelves yet but they will be full in no time I'm sure.
After I finished up with the living room I found these pictures in our storage and I was seriously considering taking them to Goodwill or selling them in a garage sale but then I was looking on pinterest and I saw all of these chalkboard home inspiration pins and my little light bulb went off! This is in the entrance of our home since the first thing you see when you walk in is the wall that was vacant and boring so why not make it look welcoming?? I haven't decided yet on where to put the other one... maybe in the kitchen?? What do you think?? Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day!