Wednesday, June 27, 2012

All About Judah (Potty Training)

Judah went numero dos (#2) in the toilet last night before we went to bed! He was soo excited and he clapped his small little hands! So proud of my little boy! He didn't give me an exact signal. It was the sudden stop and stare that he always does when he's about to go. It didn't go perfect because after I took him off the potty he peed at least three times on the bathroom floor before I could get a diaper on him. I think potty training is going to take longer than I hoped for. My goal is to have him potty trained before my second one comes along to save me money on diapers. We'll see how this goes.
Judah also now can say "hola" and "hello"! I'm soo excited! I feel like he's growing to fast and before I know it he'll be entering preschool and kinder garden and so forth. 
For the past couple days we've stayed inside and I literally played with him all day both days. Reason for staying in is because it was and still is too hott to go outside to play. 100 degrees and humid?? No thanks. I'll wait. But we've had fun staying inside. I've been reading to him a lot more than I usually do. I never knew how much fun being a mom could be. Well sometimes. It's not so much fun when I'm trying to go grocery shopping, mainly because he wants everything on the shelves just to throw it on the floor after I let him hold it. Or he'll maneuver his way out of the cart seat. It is stressful! But other than that, I'm good.  
Hope you have a wonderful day!