Thursday, May 24, 2012

Twenty Three Weeks

I am back in Kansas! At this point in my pregnancy I have been having constant mood swings, headaches, and cravings for any type of junk food and I hardly ever eat junk food. I feel lazy even though I watch a one year old toddler all day long, clean, do the laundry, and cook almost every meal. I just hate this sluggish feeling that I've been having for the past two days. Maybe my daily routine is getting old and I need to find something new that I can do with Judah that's more exciting than just walking around the neighborhood or going to the park... hmmm. I guess It's a good thing I'm having another little one coming along. That way I'll know for sure I won't get bored easily. I'll be too busy handling both of them to even think about being bored. 

Also a little something I found on the internet today that made me very excited!
The Great Gatsby!
Amazing Cast!
Loved the Book!
Loved the version with Robert Redford!
This one better be good, or else!