Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Bath Times

Oh the joy of giving Judah a bath! Who knew it could be soo much fun!?? He's so silly sometimes. I'm actually glad that he now likes to get in the bath unlike before, he'd cry and throw a fit any time he'd see me filling the tub. He also likes to run around the house nude for a good while before I dress him. Is that weird? I guess not since he's still a baby and sweats easily. He loves to play the piano... sometimes nude... Hopefully he sticks to it (not the naked part) haha! It's a different experience every time. Sometimes he likes to blow bubbles and other times he splashes so hard to get me as wet as he can and laughs after he sees me with water all over my hair and face. It's times like these when I feel so blessed to be a mother no matter how old or young I am.

Also, I am now listening to Haley Reinhart's new debut album "Listen Up". I really like it so far. Here is one of her songs that intrigued me the most.
Hope you have a wonderful day!