Friday, April 20, 2012

Home Sick

Is it possible to be homesick after one day of being away?
I suppose it depends on where you go after you leave home. 
If I were leaving home to go back to the city where there is constantly something to keep you busy and places to take my kid around to have fun then maybe I wouldn't be home sick already. Or maybe the fact that I'm home alone all day with my kid and no one to talk to but a one year old makes me feel this way.
Point is, is I'm used to having people around ALL the time. I'm used to waking up to my mom cooking in the kitchen or yelling at my little brother to wake up for school and my dad listening to his online radio station. 
I come here to Kansas where I now live and It's so quiet and lonely. 
All day It's just Judah and me watching televison (usually Pocoyo), eating food, and me reading or watching a good movie while he's taking a nap.
Not that being with Judah is bad but I can't really communicate well with a one year old. 
Friends would be nice to have. Maybe If we didn't live on post and in Manhattan I could make friends more easy. 
Oh well. I can't complain. I have food to eat, a roof over my head, a toilet that works, and a fun kid to take care of. 
I think I'm going to call myself super mom for right now. That's a good idea. 

Have a great day!