Monday, April 16, 2012

About Me

Ahem..ladies and gents, I present to you this blog of mine. My name is Cesia. You will come to find out about what goes on in my day to day life. You will find out about what kind of crazy or not crazy stuff I do with my little ones and in my life in general. I'm really into fashion but I do what I can in that field. I mainly started this blog for the main purpose of it being a fashion only blog, but considering how much I wasn't making, it was hard to keep up with outfit posts. I was wearing the same outfits repeatedly. It slowing became a lifestyle blog when my husband joined the army. That's when I started blogging more, mainly to keep my family up to date on our lives.
This is my awesome loving family! My husband, Evan, and I met at a youth group, but actually didn't even acknowledge each other until a few years later through some mutual friends. I am so happy to be with this man. He is the rock of our growing family, and this is sadly the last family photo we were able to take before Evan left overseas. 
As you can see, I have TWO little ones and one on the way! Judah is the oldest. He is very energetic, very loud, very curious, and keeps busy at all times. Micah is the youngest. They are completely opposite from each other. Micah is very quiet, almost never cries, and smiles all the time. and I love them both very much! We also have a dog named Chancho. Sweetest pup in the world. 

Ladies and Gents... enjoy the diaries of what it's like to be a Watkins. I'll probably most likely throw in random things here and there. You never know! Stay tuned!

+ All Photography is by me unless cited otherwise.
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