Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Sunday!

I have a friend that used to text me "Happy Sunday!" literally every Sunday. It was ridiculous. But I appreciated It. I recently bought this book called "Baby Wise' by Gary Ezzo & Rober Bucknam. My cousin referred this book to me. She said it worked wonders for her kids and since Judah was a fiasco as a newborn and infant i decided to get this book and see if it actually helps. I believe the main purpose of this book is 'giving your infant the gift of nighttime sleep'. It says this on the cover. If this book worked out for you let me know!

 I'm also back In MO living with my parents. I need a job so i came back here. Kansas was miserable. No offense to all of you who live in KS. I also got a ticket on the way here! Those officers and their 'quotas' o well... my first ticket and I have a nice fine of 112 green american dollars which I currently do not have. Good thing I start work in the morning!