Wednesday, April 18, 2012

♥ Judah Is One ♥

Here Are Some Photos from Judah's Birthday Party This Past Weekend!

Judah's Birthday was pretty awesome! First I wanted to say thank you to my dear Lety Patterson for making Judah's birthday cake! So precious. She is like a grand mother to me. I love her so much!

My gosh I can't believe Judah is one already! Time flies by so fast. It's unreal. It seems like It was only yesterday, he was this little being in my arms in which we had to be very gentle with and now it's all rough play with this little guy. Crazy. He's just so precious! I'm not a real gushy mushy person but Judah melts my heart everyday in a good way. Honestly. I mean. look at him!
Judah's best friend and cousin Lexie ^^
And com' on! We had to have the traditional birthday pinata! Even though Judah wasn't able to hit the pinata, at least the other kids enjoyed it.
Just a few more pics from the same weekend. Fun Fun. Such a cutie.