Monday, January 16, 2017

I'm In La La Land

The first time I saw the trailer for this movie, La La Land, I fell in love. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone...heck yes. Oh and it's a musical? Well this sounds like the perfect movie! Let me tell you. This movie exceeded my expectations. Justin Hurwitz did an exceptional job with composing all of the music. I was very impressed. Damien Chazelle, bravo!! This modern day musical was amazing and made this girl's heart very happy. I don't think I stopped smiling through out the entire movie...except towards the end. I have to admit that I did tear up a bit. Last but not least, Mandy Moore, who choreographed all the dances did an amazing job as well! This film was nothing but magical. 

The music alone moved me. I've been listening to the soundtrack on youtube non-stop. It's soo good. Ryan Gosling did a heck of job learning all of the piano pieces for the movie within four months! That's a lot of dedication! I'm beyond impressed. If anyone watched Emma's golden globe speech...she's absolutely right. This movie is for dreamers. This movie honestly inspired me to start dreaming again. I feel like I've sort of given up on my dreams because there are soo many people out there who have the same dreams as me. When I watch other movies and see the siblings who have that simple life with the husband and kids, I always think that I don't want to be the sibling who settles down for the simple life. I want to be the protagonist who lives an adventurous life and takes chances!

For those of you who know me, I've always dreamed of becoming a professional singer, but I always felt that this person or that person was soo much better than me, and I got it in my head that I just wasn't good enough. I wanted to be an actor too, but any time I attempted to try out for a part in a play I would get stage fright and either forget my lines or stutter. Yea, I never got a main role in a play or a musical. So because of my stage fright, I gave up on my dreams. So thanks to this movie I'm starting to dream again and I should try harder at what makes my heart jump out of my chest and really makes me happy inside and out. I've been in La La Land this whole week just dreaming and I've actually found myself singing more around the house. Is it possible to fall in love with a musical? 

Anyways, if you haven't seen this movie yet I highly recommend it!

I've been waiting to watch it for a good while now. I was kind of upset because I was thinking that I was going to have to wait for it to come out on dvd...but lucky me, I convinced the husband to watch the kids. I drove 35-40 minutes to town to see this myself. It reminded me of my high school days when I'd go see several movies by myself after school just so that I could enjoy the movie without any talk or someone next to me to distract me. On the weekends my sister and I would go to Blockbuster and rent a ton of movies new and old to watch during the weekend. I miss Blockbuster. There's no movie rental places anywhere near me, so Netflix and Amazon Prime it is.

Go watch this movie! :D

Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcome 2017!!

It's the first Monday of the new year and I'm feeling great! I woke up as early as I could this morning...8:17am. I set my alarm for earlier but it was shut off after one minute. I don't remember doing that but I guess I did! haha Anyways, when I woke up I was thinking about getting on Netflix to watch a rerun of a novela I had already watched, Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, I just can't get enough of Angelique and Sebastian. Okay getting off track! Instead of doing that, I ate breakfast and read my bible and I feel really good. Something about praying and reading the word as soon as you wake up makes you feel better throughout the day. So I did that...and now I'm here writing...or I should really say typing. 😅

Totally off topic again but I'm sitting on my couch and decided I wanted to extend my feet. I was worried the blanket wouldn't reach, but what do you know? It does. Well that's one good thing about being short! 😁 This is probably not even funny to you but I thought it was funny. I'm always complaining about being short but this is a plus. haha!

Okay so this post does have a purpose. I wanted to share my wishes for 2017.

  1. This year I hope to achieve progress with my physical health. I am always on and off with my fitness routines and eating healthy. For me it's hard to stick to a plan and finish. I want to finally finish a six week fitness plan. They say it takes 21 days to break bad habits. I've never reached 21 days. So this year I want to reach it and go beyond. Today is the first day of eating healthy and actually working out. I haven't worked out today yet but it's in my plans. If any of you would like to know what plan I'm doing, it's the Tone It Up new year challenge Look For Love. It's six weeks and lasts until Valentines Day! So I will be eating chocolate on valentines day if anyone buys me any! 😁If you want to sign up just click on the link and sign up! I've been a member for many years so i already have access to all the nutrition plans and the recipes and the plans are lifesavers! I could not do it on my own!
  2. I want to be spiritually active, which means I spend time with God as soon as I wake up each morning. It can be anything from reading the word out loud, praying, talking, putting on worship music to worship Him. Throughout the day I will say little prayers thanking Him and putting all of my fears and worries on Him. I want to honor Him in everything I do.
  3. I want to put some of our savings into education for myself. I'm homeschooling Judah and Micah and I think It would be smart to put some education and knowledge into myself to be able to teach my kids better. I would also like to take some photography and business classes to keep refreshing my knowledge on the subjects. We all learn new things everyday. Even the stuff you think you know, you really may not. 
  4. I want to be more adventurous. I know I have kids and it may be harder but it's not impossible! I want to take my kids to see the wonders of the world! I want them to experience the peace I feel when I'm at the top of the mountains, or at the feet of the ocean. I want them to see all that God has created and relish in it.
  5. I want to be more generous and caring towards others. I feel like this has always been a struggle for me and I want to get better and be better. I want to care for others naturally and not have to think about it. I sometimes find myself not caring for others after the fact and then I feel really bad and re-run the situation or conversation in my head and think, 'well that wasn't really nice...I should have done this or said that.' I want to better myself!
 These are my wishes for 2017! I have a lot more that I would like to accomplish but I have to take small steps and work towards getting to those other goals I have in mind.
Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Adios 2016

Here are my most favorite memories from 2016!

  1. Keeta had puppies and Batgirl pictured above was the last pup to go. She was beautiful!
  2. It snowed enough in Kansas for us to play in it for days. I always love watching the kids play in the snow. It's my favorite!
  3. We drove an hour or two out of the way early one morning to see the sunrise at Tall Grass Prairie in Kansas. It was freezing and Evan thought it was smart to wear sandals. haha
  4. We went home for Easter and we had a big family get together with Evan's side.
  5. Judah's big 5! He wanted a Batman birthday and that's exactly what he got!
  6. We went to Mexico for a family wedding and got to visit Ixtapa for a week before leaving.
  7. Evan graduated from Airborne school in Georgia!
  8. One week before we left Kansas we went on a trip to a nearby conservation nature center. It was kind of like our last hurrah before leaving.
  9. Our last stop on our week adventure driving across the country to North Carolina. Pictured above was at a state park in West Virginia. We loved driving through there! It was soo beautiful.
  10. Our first month in North Carolina, we visited Raleigh to take the kids to the Marbles Museum. We ate at a really delicious restaurant afterwords and then went to an old historic mill. I wore the wrong shoes and my feet were hurting! But it was a great day!
  11. I started homeschooling with Judah! It was a big step for him and me!
  12. Micah's birthday! My mom, dad, and sister came for it! It was soo special!
  13. To keep the momentum going, we took the 3 hour drive to the beach for Micah's birthday! Soo beautiful. 
  14. In November I finally went to the mountains! Pictured above was an overlook overlooking Grandfather Mountain.
  15. Ezrah on his birthday! I made him a homemade cake and Judah, Micah, and Ezrah finished it within two days! It was quite an ugly cake but at least it tasted good. :)
There were soo many good memories this year but this blog post would be super long if I posted all of them.
There have been ups and downs but mostly good ups. I hope 2017 is even better. Goodbye 2016, hello 2017! :)

Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Time Festivities

Warning: Picture overload to follow
 On Christmas Eve after everyone was done feeling sick, we all made Christmas Ornaments!!! I don't know why I capitalized ornaments...but I did. Anyways, those glass ornaments were out of the picture. If I can't handle not breaking them, then my kids can't either. haha So sticks it is!
 My handsome Ezrah with his new haircut!
 Evan and Judah were the only ones not to get burned by the glue gun. hehe Evan and I handled the gun and we let the kids press their pom poms on their tree and Micah, Ezrah, and I burned our fingers doing it. It wasn't that bad. haha
 I think putting on the glitter was everyone's favorite part...except for Evan's. 😜
The finished product! ^^ 😁
 The night before, we went to a house in the community that had their house all decked out for Christmas. She invited the whole community over for a tour of her winter wonderland home, nice warm hot chocolate, and delicacies.
 The lady that lives here said all of their Christmas decorations were collected over the years and they have a special holiday storage for everything. Pretty cool!
Their was loud Christmas music playing and Micah was a dancing machine! Soo funny, I wish took a video! It was great.
 We had Christmas a week early because papa David was in town and we wanted to include him in our Christmas festivities! The morning before we opened up all of our presents my father-in-law took us all to see Rogue One. They released it a day early here and the theater was almost empty. The movie was sooo sooo good! We watched it in 3D so it was even better! Judah and Micah loved it! It was all great minus having to take maybe 7 trips to the potty for the boys. They all had to go at different times you know? 😏

Anyways, here's a cute little video I made of our "Christmas morning."
The rest of the photographs below were from a few nights prior because Judah and Micah decided to tell daddy what I bought him and Evan just couldn't wait to open it since he knew what it was. He had to have it asap. 😑 Then the kids begged to open a present too, so I let them open the smallest.
They got their watches! They've been begging for watches for a long time now and guess what? They don't even wear them anymore. I'll make them put it on, but they'll take it back off when I'm not looking. Soo sad. They enjoyed it for a good week though!
Evan has been waiting for this moment for a very long time. He's never had a good computer chair before. He's had one prior to this one that his dad bought for him a couple Christmas's ago but it broke within months because Evan likes to lean back and he's a big guy so he needed something to support his weight and soo far soo good this chair is a keeper!
We spent Christmas with our military family. We played the gift bingo game. Not sure what it's really called. The game where everyone brings a gift and then play bingo. Whoever gets bingo first gets to pick out a present and then the next person gets to either steal or pick a new present. It was a lot of fun. We also had a dessert contest and guess who won!? This girl! haha I spent the longest time on making the dessert. It's called delicias de manzana and I got the recipe from one of my mom's Spanish cooking magazines. It was really good. :)

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! xoxo - Cesia

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Polar Express Train Ride

 Our Linden Oaks Community hosted an awesome Christmas party for all of the residents here and they even had a polar express train ride! They gave us these cute little train ride tickets that said, "believe" It also came with a little bell attached to it. Soo cute! 
 Inside the building they had a hot chocolate bar and a yummy sweets table. The kids loved it. I always have to remind them not to touch anything though because other people are going to eat it too. That was probably my main issue while inside. Oh and Ezrah kept running off to find more candy canes. In a different room they had the Polar Express movie playing and writing stations for all the kids to write letters to Santa! We put our address on our letters and put it in the fake mail box for Santa to write the kids back. It was pretty cool. Judah and Micah actually got their letters from Santa yesterday. Micah was indifferent to it and Judah was super excited. haha P.S. that Mexican looking guy in the background looks and sounds like Fez from that 70s show. haha
 Ezrah thought he was writing a letter to santa too...haha
 Also Papa David was in town!! He actually came for Ezrah's birthday and Christmas! :) The kids loved having him here!
 The train ride was a hit. We actually didn't know this was going on that day until we saw the train outside at the Community Lodge and decided to see what was happening. It all worked out great because my father-in-law showed up that morning so he got to experience this with us. It was also a big help having him there to help me with the kids! 😉
Today is Christmas Eve so I've been cooking all morning and I'm just now taking a break. I hope to be able to make it to church today as well. I love Christmas service! I went to walmart bright and early this morning to buy a few food items I needed to finish cooking today and everyone was soo cheery and saying "good morning! Merry Christmas!" I felt like I was in a movie where even strangers are being nice to each other. It was really nice. :) We're spending Christmas with our military family later on today and I really hope that all of you who are reading this have a great time with your friends and family today and tomorrow. God bless you!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!!